Dean and Jo Ann From Tampa, FL Stop By EZ E-Bike Rentals

EZ E-Bike Rentals has had some distant visitors but Tampa, Florida is the furthest yet. Dean and Jo Ann were in town visiting friends and family and took some time to come by to test ride the RadCity Step-Thru bikes. Their friends in Tampa have a couple bikes and they wanted to try them before …

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a nice evening ride on the Pennsy Trail

Natasha brought her sons Gavin and Erik out for a nice August evening bike ride on the Pennsy Trail. While she was visiting friends in Greenfield she found EZ E-Bike Rentals and headed over to our Cumberland location right on the trail. They quickly became familiar with the operation of the Rad Power Bikes (RadRover) …

Excited To Start Blogging About Our E-bike Rental Business!

We want you to try an e-bike and we’re ready to HOOK you up with some great bicycles, great places to ride in Indianapolis, and some great fun. Perfect for parties, group outings, corporate events!