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Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is a leading e-bike manufacturer based in Seattle, WA. Their mission is to make practical and stylish electric bikes accessible to anyone. They produce a range of e-bike models designed to deliver outstanding performance, value, and safety. Rad Power Bikes offers models for all types of riders, from commuters to cargo bikes, folding bikes, and utility bikes. All models feature powerful, long-lasting batteries and motors, as well as intuitive user interfaces, adjustable components, and customizable features. Every Rad Power Bike is also backed by an excellent customer service and support team. With their outstanding e-bikes, Rad Power Bikes is revolutionizing the way people travel.

Juiced Bikes

  • Juiced Bikes - Logo
  • Jim from EZ E-Bikes shows a customer how to use the Juiced City Scrambler
  • The Juiced City Scrambler E-Bike

Juiced Bikes is an award-winning electric bike company based in San Diego, California. They produce a range of power-assisted, electric bicycles that are designed to be fun, efficient, and affordable. The brand offers a variety of models, such as their electric mountain bikes, commuter hybrids, and cargo electric bikes. Juiced Bikes also sells parts and accessories, such as upgraded motors and batteries. Customers can also customize their Juiced Bikes with a wide range of colors and components. Juiced Bikes strive to provide the highest quality of electric bikes, backed by exceptional customer service and support. With their stylish and practical e-bikes, Juiced Bikes is transforming the way people travel.

Juiced Bikes was founded in 2009 by Tora Harris who graduated from Princeton University with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. While at Princeton, Harris ran track and became a 2-time winner of the NCAA Championship in the High Jump – and set several Ivy League track records in the process.