Used 2018 Rad Rover, Used 2019 Rad Runner, Used Juiced CrossCurrent XL, & New Vtuvia SF-20 E-Bikes For Sale

Used 2018 Rad Rover E-Bike for Sale – $1,299

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Used 2019 Rad Runner E-Bike for Sale – $1,250

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Used 2018 Juiced CrossCurrent E-Bike (48 volt) with XL Frame – $1,399

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New 2019 Vtuvia SF-20 Electric Folding Bike – $1,199

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Rad Power Bikes named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine

Electric-bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes is ranked No. 63 on the Inc. magazine’s annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies.

We are happy to partner with them to offer the 2019 EZ E-Bike rentals fleet.

For more details, check our GeekWire magazine’s article on this: https://www.geekwire.com/2019/inc-5000-list-fastest-growing-private-companies-features-strong-showing-washington/

Vtuvia SF-20 Folding Electric Bicycle Gives A Strong Performance on The Cardinal Greenway

We put the Vtuvia SF-20 electric bicycle thru its paces this past Sunday in the Cardinal Greenway. It really puts out the power for such a small package.

  • The 20-inch fat tires on this e-bike give you a smoother ride and it folds so it can be placed in a trunk or SUV.
  • We rode it for 26 miles in total and still had close to 40% of the battery left.
  • The 500-watt motor has all the power you need for the long inclines the trail threw at it even when you didn’t want to pedal. The pedal assist was a little slow to react but would pull nicely.
  • I found that you could use the throttle and feather it in with the peddle assist allowed you to stay with your partner’s pace to allow for a nice conversation. during the ride.

When you consider you get all that for a $1,199.00 price point the Vtuvia SF-20 e-bike has a lot going for it. Come see us at EZ E-Bike Rentals and we can order one for you!

I would highly recommend the Cardinal Greenway for anyone who wants to ride and experience the joy of a long trail. Be sure to pack a sandwich and some water and make a day of it. It just takes a little time and cost of gas to get there for a wonderful ride.

Dean and Jo Ann From Tampa, FL Stop By EZ E-Bike Rentals

EZ E-Bike Rentals has had some distant visitors but Tampa, Florida is the furthest yet.

Dean & Jo Ann Hauser - August 27th, 2019
Dean and Jo Ann From Tampa, Florida

Dean and Jo Ann were in town visiting friends and family and took some time to come by to test ride the Rad City Step Thru bikes.

Their friends in Tampa have a couple bikes and they wanted to try them before deciding to buy. They picked a nice evening to ride on the Pennsy Trail in Cumberland Indiana.

EZ E-Bike Rentals Now Offers Bicycle Assembly & Delivery Service!

A special thanks to Ron and Carol Ernst of Noblesville, IN. After purchasing their Rad Power Bikes they needed EZ E-Bikes Rentals to help them out by having their bikes assembled and delivered by EZ E-Bike Rentals. We arranged a time to deliver their bikes. It was like Christmas! They began to personalize them with the accessories they had waiting like panniers, phone holders, rear storage bags and took them for a ride. As I left, They were making plans to ride their new Rad Wagon and Rad City Step Thru on all the trails Noblesville and surrounding areas have to offer. Look for them! 🙂

Ron & Carol Ernst are happy new owners of their Rad Power Bikes. EZ E-Bike Rentals assembled and delivered their bike right to them!
Ron & Carol Ernst are happy new owners of their Rad Power Bikes. EZ E-Bike Rentals assembled and delivered their bike right to them!

Beautiful Day on the Pennsy Trail for a Bike Ride

Larry & Carol picked up Jim on their 2+ hour drive to take a test drive of the Rad Power Bikes featured at EZ E-Bike Rentals. The weather was fantastic as their test ride took them on the Pennsy Trail, through the trees and along Buck Creek as it bustled with activity. Taking their time to switch riders and drink some water.

Jim, Larry, & Carol enjoyed the e-bike ride and found out first-hand how easy electric bikes are to use. Before heading home to Ohio they had a nice lunch at Sero’s Family Restaurant, a local eatery here in Cumberland Indiana.

They appreciated the quality e-bikes for the price point, proving why Rad Power Bikes is the 63rd fastest growing company on Fortune’s 2019 list. Allowing the rider to look for more ways to ride their bike like they used to years ago.

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a nice evening ride on the Pennsy Trail

Natasha brought her sons Gavin and Erik out for a nice August evening bike ride on the Pennsy Trail. While she was visiting friends in Greenfield she found EZ E-Bike Rentals and headed over to our Cumberland location right on the trail. They quickly became familiar with the operation of the Rad Power Bikes (Rad Rover) and enjoyed themselves for an hour. Thank you Natasha!

Mom, Dad, Grandma, & Grandpa Enjoying A Sunday E-Bike Ride

Bob and Pam Gaston stopped by on their way back to Ohio from vacationing in Michigan with their son and daughter in law. Who have used their Rad Wagon Bikes to explore with their kids. One bike has over 500 miles on in just this summer. The other has over 300 miles already. Outfitted nicely with a front rack and large basket. And 2 chairs on the back. One white and one orange. It was so cool to see the way the had everything packed on their van. 

Thank you so much for sharing some of your time on the way home to stop at EZ E-Bike Rentals and try these amazing e-bikes!

Excited To Start Blogging About Our E-bike Rental Business!

It has been an absolute thrill to get out in the warm Indianapolis summer sun and ride our Rad Rover Power Bikes and Juiced Bikes. When looking for bicycle rentals in Indianapolis, or even electric bike rentals, there are quite a few options out there but very few will match up to the customized experience you will find when riding with us. You are sure to enjoy some of the easiest, quickest, and most durable e-bikes on the market, while also receiving excellent instruction from our trained staff.

Jim Yanan - Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals
Jim Yanan, owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals, is shown here riding along the Pennsy Trail, conveniently located right next to the EZ E-Bike Rental warehouse.

We are excited ⚡⚡ to adventure out there and feel the breeze of the wind against our faces as we twist the throttle of the 🚴 handlebar. Here’s to some great adventures and we hope you will follow along and share your experience as well.

Jim & Tanya Yanan - Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals
Jim & Tanya Yanan – Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals

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