Used E-Bikes For Sale

  1. Used 2020 Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru E-Bike – 786 miles – $1400
  2. Used 2020 Juiced Camp Scrambler E-Bike – 8 miles – $1600
  3. Used 2021 RadRover 5 Electric Fat Tire E-Bike – 786 miles – $1400 – This is a great deal, save $600 when you buy a used instead of a new model – a new Rad Rover 6 costs $2000!
  4. Used 2021 RadRover 5 Electric Fat Tire E-Bike – 125 miles – $1500 – This is a great deal, save $500 when you buy a used instead of a new model – a new Rad Rover 6 costs $2000!
  5. Used 2021 Juiced Scorpion – Electric Moped Style E-Bike – 58 miles – $1800 – This is a great deal, save $400 when you buy a used e-bike instead of a new model – a new Juiced Scorpion X is $2,199.

#1 Used 2020 Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru E-Bike – 786 miles – $1400

#2 Used 2020 Juiced Camp Scrambler E-Bike – 8 miles – $1600

#3 Used 2021 RadRover 5 Electric Fat Tire E-Bike (2 available) – 786 miles – $1400 – This is a great deal, save $600 when you buy a used instead of a new model – a new Rad Rover 6 costs $2000!

#4 Used 2021 RadRover 5 Electric Fat Tire E-Bike (2 available) – 125 miles – $1500 – This is a great deal, save $500 when you buy a used instead of a new model – a new Rad Rover 6 costs $2000!

#5 Used 2021 Juiced Scorpion – Electric Moped Style E-Bike – 58 miles – $1800 – This is a great deal, save $500 when you buy a used e-bike instead of a new model – a new Juiced Scorpion X is $2,199.

Saturday Night Ride on the Pennsy Trail

It was a great time had by the 18 folks who showed up yesterday to our first Saturday Night Ride on the Pennsy Trail! We are excited to do this again and hope you will join us for the next Saturday Night Ride on the Pennsy Trail on June 5th at EZ E-Bike Rentals.

It was so nice to meet like minded folks who enjoy riding their bikes. There were some awesome custom e-bikes (40mph+ custom e-bike, a Tonka Truck themed e-bike) and even a customized electric unicycle that joined us!

We started out at the EZ E-Bikes Warehouse and rode all the way down to Irvington and visited the Strangebird, a neighborhood Tiki bar with great drinks and really good appetizers. It was a great trip and we are excited to do this again on June 5th, 2021.

Please join us for the next Saturday Night Ride and celebrate biking in Indianapolis and along the Pennsy Trail!

RadWagon Assembled & Ready To Ride For Lindsay D & Her Family

From Lindsay D – Apr 23, 2021

Listen to Lindsay D laugh at the end!!! We love this.

Hi Jim!

I truly cannot thank you (and James!) for your help today. We absolutely would have been lost on our own.

We took the kids out as soon as we got home – it was so much fun!! They were both thrilled and we got to go on a quick Monon ride before it got too chilly. There’s a video and a few pictures attached 🙂 We are going to have a blast with this thing!

We will send everyone we meet your way! My mom will probably end up with an e-bike and will definitely stop by to test them out!

Thank you thank you thank you for being such a great resource for all of this!

Lindsay (and Mike…and Logan & Lawson too!)

The Importance of Trail Etiquette

Trail etiquette is absolutely key when it comes to riding e-bikes responsibly. While staying abreast of relevant laws on federal, state, and local levels is important, that’s not the only part of the puzzle. Here are a few trail etiquette tips to ensure you have a fun and safe time while riding. 

1. Mind Traffic Signs

Pennsy Trail Marker
The new Pennsy Trail section between Short Ridge & Franklin Rd

If there’s a place where the path crosses a road, be sure to look both ways before crossing. Keeping your ears open for the sound of motor traffic is also important as some turns or hills can obstruct the view of approaching vehicles. If you decide to bike around downtown instead of going on the trail, you’ll need to keep an eye out for traffic signs while following the relevant traffic laws. It’s also important to know how to signal your direction as a biker to fellow riders or vehicles behind you. You can ask the staff at EZ E-Bike Rentals for a crash course in these signals if you need a refresher

2. Pass Others on the Left

As you can tell, a lot of trail etiquette is borrowed from standard traffic regulations. This is especially true when passing fellow bikers on the trail. Whether someone has stopped on the trail or you’re moving at a faster speed, you should pass on the left-hand side of the path when possible. Be sure to vocalize your approach to bikers ahead of you, signaling your intention to pass. A quick “Hey, coming up on your left” can mean the difference between a terrible accident and an enjoyable day of e-bike riding for everyone. 

Throwing in a bell ring, if you have one, is another great way to signal your passing. Keep an eye out for oncoming bikers too when you pass as many biking trails go in both directions. Additionally, you’ll need to listen for bikers who want to pass you as well. If you hear a ringing bell or someone shouting behind you, it’s a good idea to move over slightly to the right if possible to allow for safe passing. 

3. Stop Off the Trail

National Road Heritage Trail

One of the biggest faux pas of biking is stopping in the middle of the trail. Not only is this frustrating to other bikers who would like to continue riding unimpeded, but it’s also very dangerous for both the riders who are stopped and the ones riding on the trail. This threat is even greater when the trail takes tight turns or goes up and down hills, limiting the amount of time a rider has to react to obstacles. 

Whether you need to take a breather, grab a snack, or get a drink of water, it’s trail etiquette to stop somewhere off of the trail so as to not put others and yourself in danger. If you’re not able to find anywhere to stop immediately when you want to, consider riding along until you find some space. While this is a critical step when riding alone, it’s even more important to do when riding in groups as more people stopping can cause more problems. 

4. Leave nothing but tire tracks (and footprints). 

Trail etiquette isn’t just about how you interact with others on the trail. It also covers how you interact with the trail itself. Whether you’re riding in the middle of the city, on a paved trail in a park, or through a dirt path in the forest, it’s important to leave the trail as you found it. That means picking up any trash that might have fallen on the ground and not taking anything as a souvenir. The only things you should be leaving behind are tire tracks; the only things you should be taking are pictures. 

Everybody hates seeing beautiful trails fill up with trash. Not only is it an eyesore of the worst kind, but it’s also harmful to the surrounding habitat and bikers themselves. Plastic bags, straws, and other common pieces of trash can end up harming local wildlife. Even larger pieces of trash can pose a hazard to bikers by getting stuck in their wheels. Keep an eye out for trash cans along the path to dispose of anything you produce while riding. If you need to, taking a recyclable bag with you makes it easy to handle any loose pieces of trash when trash cans aren’t available. 


If you’re interested in renting an e-bike in the Indianapolis area, reach out to EZ-E Bike Rentals today. 

Are E-Bikes Allowed on Trails? Understanding Indiana’s New E-Bike Laws

Although more than one-quarter of a million e-bikes are sold every year in the US, many riders are still fuzzy about the rules and regulations surrounding this highly-popular form of transportation. With an estimated 75% growth annually, the industry has prompted the creation of new e-bike laws in states across the country, including Indiana. 

E-bikes offer the safety and comfort of standard bikes while offering some major advantages such as higher speeds, greater distances, and higher-efficiency. Whether you’re a baby-boomer looking to enjoy bike riding without too much physical exertion, a parent needing a convenient way to get your kids around, or an urbanite dying to ditch public transportation, e-bikes are great for everyone. 

With a diverse array of e-bike users, there are naturally varying degrees of familiarity and experience with these bikes in addition to different preferences when it comes to speed, pace, and overall riding style. Part of the motivation behind passing new e-bike laws in Indiana is to make the roads and trails as safe as possible for everyone. After all, we’re all in this together

What does Indiana’s e-bike law say?

According to Indiana’s e-bike law, there are three groups under which e-bikes can fall. The following categories help users determine the rules they need to follow. 

  • Class 1 – These are bikes outfitted with motors that only offer assistance when the user is pedaling while also ceasing to assist if the bike goes over 20 mph. 
  • Class 2 – Bicycles that come with throttle-actuated motors while ceasing to assist after exceeding 20 mph are placed into this category. 
  • Class 3 – If bicycles are outfitted with motors that assist riders only when they’re pedaling while ceasing assistance after the bike reaches 28 mph, they’re in the final group. 

In Indiana, e-bikes are regulated just the same as normal bicycles. Rules of the road that apply to bicycles powered by humans also apply to e-bikes. Furthermore, e-bikes don’t require the same insurance, licensing, and registration as motor vehicles. Since local and state authorities have the ability to dictate where e-bikes can go, it’s always important to double-check with the relevant agencies to determine where you can and can’t ride. 

Laws regarding access for e-mountain bikes (eMTB) on local, county, state, and federal trails vary widely. In general, trails with a natural surface that are open to non-motorized and motorized vehicles are open to eMTBs as well. However, these e-bikes might not be permitted on trails specified for non-motorized use. It’s advisable to refrain from riding your eMTB on trails where rules aren’t clear. 

Feel free to check out this handout to learn more about Indiana e-bike laws. 




Pennsy Trail Update

The trail is currently open in three disjointed segments. Please bookmark this page if you want to follow the updates or follow us on Facebook.

November 30, 2020

I hope everyone had a nice and safe Thanksgiving.

The paving of the Pennsy Trail extension is complete. The trail is now connected from Mt. Comfort Rd on the Far Eastside to downtown Indy!
The construction company did a really nice job. From the new paving. New benches have been installed. New signage and safety rails are still being installed. And people have been using it! All ready for spring!

Keep EZ E-Bike Rentals in mind for a nice bike ride along the trail. Rent our E-Bikes. We can work with you to make your next ride a fun one! Just keep in mind our winter/off-season hours are best by appointment only.

Please call ahead. Thanks!
EZ E-Bike Rentals

September 27, 2020

Here is a video of the new section of the Pennsy Trail from Shortridge Rd heading east to Post Rd. The trail is finishing up. The section between Post Rd and German Church Rd has a couple of bridges that need the concrete to be poured and cured before they can finish it. Enjoy! 🚴‍♂️

August 24th, 2020

Pennsy Trail update. From German Church to Mitthoeffer and from Mitthoeffer to Post Rd. I am really struck by how pretty the trail will be when it’s finished.

I am excited and patiently waiting for it to be completed but at this pace it looks like late October.

The pictures show the 2 small bridges that are slowing things down as they are being constructed.

I look forward to seeing you out on the new trail to downtown and wonder how things are moving along heading east to Greenfield. Please let me know if you have any info.

Take care, Jim

July 19th, 2020

Good Evening, Pennsy Trail update!
Paving has started and goes from Shortridge Rd thru Old Trails Rd thru to Franklin Rd and over to Post Rd. Which gets about half way. Then the pictures show gravel from Post Rd to Mitthoefer and then behind Walmart to German Church Rd.🤞

Hopefully the construction will be finished and the trail open in August??

Stay Tuned!!
Have a Great week.

April 18th, 2020

It was a little muddy but the Pennsy Trail construction continues. Drainage and utilities being worked on.

Very excited to see it continue. And look forward to it getting finished. The green is popping out in every photo.

Take care and see you on the trail! 🚴‍♂️😊Jim

April 13th, 2020

This picture is looking West. And is located behind the Walmart store just west of German Church Rd.

Update on the construction of the new section of the Pennsy Trail connection continues. If you zoom in and look just above the piles of gravel you can see the muddy lane that they will spread the gravel base on to create the base that can then be paved.

It’s exciting to see the progress continue. This picture is looking West. And is located behind the Walmart store just west of German Church Rd.

Jim 🚴‍♂️

April 7th, 2020

Today a quick couple of pictures of the Pennsy Trail connection between German Church and Short Ridge roads. As you can see the tree work seems to be finished. You can also see the tunnel that goes under 465 looking East and the the other picture looking West towards Short Ridge.

It is exciting to see the rough outline of the trail in the hope that construction will really be finished by mid summer 🤞.

I know everyone is looking forward to riding this section of the trail as much as I am. 😊

EZ E-Bike Rentals

March 28th, 2020

Here is the view from Mitthoefer Rd looking West (left), then looking East (right). The trail is coming along nicely.

EZ E-Bike Rentals Available By Appointment Only

We take your health very seriously and want to be as cautious as possible during this outbreak. We are taking the following precautions:

  • No walk-ins – Appointment only – E-bike rentals are available by appointment only (call,text 317-207-0880, or rent online) at this time.
  • Social Distancing: Rentals are limited to groups of no more than 2 riders at a time. If you have a group of four, we prefer you to come into the shop 2 at a time.
  • Sanitization – We are using sanitizing wipes & hand sanitizer.
  • Gloves – We provide & encourage gloves
  • Helmets – Bring Your Own or Use Ours

Rad Power Bikes named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine

Electric-bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes is ranked No. 63 on the Inc. magazine’s annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies.

We are happy to partner with them to offer the 2019 EZ E-Bike rentals fleet.

For more details, check our GeekWire magazine’s article on this: https://www.geekwire.com/2019/inc-5000-list-fastest-growing-private-companies-features-strong-showing-washington/

Vtuvia SF-20 Folding Electric Bicycle Gives A Strong Performance on The Cardinal Greenway

We put the Vtuvia SF-20 electric bicycle thru its paces this past Sunday in the Cardinal Greenway. It really puts out the power for such a small package.

  • The 20-inch fat tires on this e-bike give you a smoother ride and it folds so it can be placed in a trunk or SUV.
  • We rode it for 26 miles in total and still had close to 40% of the battery left.
  • The 500-watt motor has all the power you need for the long inclines the trail threw at it even when you didn’t want to pedal. The pedal assist was a little slow to react but would pull nicely.
  • I found that you could use the throttle and feather it in with the peddle assist allowed you to stay with your partner’s pace to allow for a nice conversation. during the ride.

When you consider you get all that for a $1,199.00 price point the Vtuvia SF-20 e-bike has a lot going for it. Come see us at EZ E-Bike Rentals and we can order one for you!

I would highly recommend the Cardinal Greenway for anyone who wants to ride and experience the joy of a long trail. Be sure to pack a sandwich and some water and make a day of it. It just takes a little time and cost of gas to get there for a wonderful ride.

Dean and Jo Ann From Tampa, FL Stop By EZ E-Bike Rentals

EZ E-Bike Rentals has had some distant visitors but Tampa, Florida is the furthest yet.

Dean & Jo Ann Hauser - August 27th, 2019
Dean and Jo Ann From Tampa, Florida

Dean and Jo Ann were in town visiting friends and family and took some time to come by to test ride the RadCity Step-Thru bikes.

Their friends in Tampa have a couple bikes and they wanted to try them before deciding to buy. They picked a nice evening to ride on the Pennsy Trail in Cumberland Indiana.