It has been an absolute thrill to get out in the warm Indianapolis summer sun and ride our Rad Rover Power Bikes and Juiced Bikes. When looking for bicycle rentals in Indianapolis, or even electric bike rentals, there are quite a few options out there but very few will match up to the customized experience you will find when riding with us. You are sure to enjoy some of the easiest, quickest, and most durable e-bikes on the market, while also receiving excellent instruction from our trained staff.

Jim Yanan - Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals
Jim Yanan, owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals, is shown here riding along the Pennsy Trail, conveniently located right next to the EZ E-Bike Rental warehouse.

We are excited ⚡⚡ to adventure out there and feel the breeze of the wind against our faces as we twist the throttle of the 🚴 handlebar. Here’s to some great adventures and we hope you will follow along and share your experience as well.

Jim & Tanya Yanan - Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals
Jim & Tanya Yanan – Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals

Experience the convenience & freedom of eco-friendly electric e-bikes. Affordable, environmentally-friendly electric bicycles that are fun for the whole family!

Visit Us at 12018 Warehouse Rd in Indianapolis, Indiana or you can call/text 317-207-0880.

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