Beautiful Day on the Pennsy Trail for a Bike Ride

Larry & Carol picked up Jim on their 2+ hour drive to take a test drive of the Rad Power Bikes featured at EZ E-Bike Rentals. The weather was fantastic as their test ride took them on the Pennsy Trail, through the trees and along Buck Creek as it bustled with activity. Taking their time to switch riders and drink some water.

Jim, Larry, & Carol enjoyed the e-bike ride and found out first-hand how easy electric bikes are to use. Before heading home to Ohio they had a nice lunch at Sero’s Family Restaurant, a local eatery here in Cumberland Indiana.

They appreciated the quality e-bikes for the price point, proving why Rad Power Bikes is the 63rd fastest growing company on Fortune’s 2019 list. Allowing the rider to look for more ways to ride their bike like they used to years ago.