About Us

  • EZ E-Bike Rentals Owner, Jim Yanan, riding on a Juiced E-Bike

For as long as we can remember, we have lived our lives to the fullest. Freedom. Camaraderie. Independence. We are excited by the possibility, by sharing new experiences with others, and we found our outlet in biking–the wind whipping against our cheeks, the speed, comfort, seeing the world in its natural state. It all coalesced.

However, after Jim’s knee surgery, walking and biking around town became painful. Following the doctor’s orders, these activities had to go. We missed biking and living these experiences with our friends, and we longed for a new activity.

This is why we started our electric bicycle rental business: these bikes offer all the sense of independence we had before without any of the strain, and we want to bring this joy to you. Now you can experience the freedom of biking through Indiana’s beautiful parks and trails without exertion and immerse yourself in the world around you.

Take your whole family, a date, or go by yourself, and see how convenient your next adventure can be. Join the fun!

Watch our YouTube Video!

Watch our YouTube Video! Thanks to Collins Brothers Media

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